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100g tub of Lush Ultra Bland

Lush Ultra Bland Cleanser



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5/5 clean faces

Anyone who loves make-up knows that one of the most important tools in your kit is great skin. Without a good base even the best primer in the world won’t give you a glowing complexion. For Christmas this year one of the must-have items on my list was a pot of Lush’s Ultra Bland cleanser. As someone with dry, peeling, ridiculously sensitive skin that starts to shed from the first cold snap of the year and continues till March, a good cleanser is essential. I want something that gets rid of last night’s make up but doesn’t strip my skin of the little moisture it has.

Ultra Bland’s primary ingredients are beeswax and almond oil, this means that as well as washing away the dirt effectively, their oily consistency means they moisturise whilst cleansing and your skin feels soft and smooth afterwards. Secondary products, rose water and rose absolute reduce redness in sensitive skin whilst the gentle antibacterial properties of honey clean without scouring. The Lush founders’ deem this cleanser their number one Desert Island product and it’s easy to see why. Its bland nature makes it effective on all skin types, although it’s especially good for those with dry, sensitive skin. Anyone who’s had problems with alcohol-based cleansers before will love this gentle Lush alternative.

Since using Ultra Bland I’ve noticed a definite difference in my skins texture. I don’t get too many break-outs so  I can’t say as to its spot-clearing effectiveness, but my skin has felt more moisturised and it’s been peeling much less. It’s also great for removing make-up. My go-to look is winged eyeliner a la The Ronettes, I can guarantee that a little product will shift even the most heavy eye make-up. For those with particularly problem skin Lush advises that you use nothing on your skin but Ultra Bland for a month in order to calm it down and bring you back to your gorgeous glowing self.


My opened tub of Lush Ultra Bland

At £10.75 per 100g pot it can seem fairly pricey and not exactly student-friendly. However, you only need a little product to go a long way and good skin is a worthwhile investment. I’ve been using it every day since Christmas and as you can see I’ve only made a small dent in the pot. And once you’ve used 5 full-size pots, you can return them to Lush for recycling and get a free full-size face mask. Effective and environmentally-friendly; what more could you want?

It’s cost-effective, although perhaps not budget-friendly, it’s great for dry, sensitive skin and you’re giving your money to an ethically-sound company that cares about the environment and wants to give you free stuff. A definite 5 out of 5.