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L'Oreal's new range of CC Creams

L’Oreal’s new range of Nude Magique CC Creams

Like the BB creams that took the beauty world by storm in 2011/12, CC creams also started out in Asia. Used there for years, they’re making their debut in the West, touted as even better than their BB predecessors.

The ‘complexion correcting’ creams are lighter than BB creams, less a tinted moisturiser with add-ons and more of a skin primer. They provide less coverage, (although those brave few with supermodel skin can go bare), but they do brighten, banish red bits and generally wake-up tired skin. Their texture is also different from BB creams, less a thin, oily substance and more of a light mousse. Perfect for those with shiny skin who found BB creams too much. For people who couldn’t find their perfect shade in BB creams, (the palest one I could find made my Casper-like complexion look like I was auditioning for the cast of TOWIE), CC creams have a wider range of colours and their lighter nature makes them far easier to blend. They’re also much closer to being true skin care than BB creams. With each one boasting a different kind of cure you’re sure to find one to suit your skin type.

If you want to be the first to try CC creams your best bet, after expensive Asian imports, is L’Oreal. Ever quick off the mark they’ve already launched their own line with 3 currently available, all at £9.99; anti-redness, anti-fatigue and anti-dullness. If you want to wait and see if the products really live up to the hype, watch this space! I’ll be doing a review for you all soon.

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What are your opinions on BB creams? Have you tried the new CC creams?