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Louise Mensch has moved from politics and started her own fashion blog. Described as, “a lazy girls’ guide to gloss” and “style for tomboys” this self-described feminist is offering advice such as “Stuff your ballet flats, your man wants to see you swing it”.

When a follower tweeted, “Politics to man-pleasing fashion blogging; feminist you are not” Mensch replied, “Well, stuff it. As a straight woman I do want to look attractive for my man”.

This is in stark contrast to another well-known beauty blogger, The Man Repeller. “Man repelling” is, “outfitting oneself in a sartorially offensive mode that may result in repelling members of the opposite sex”. In other words, not caring what men think because you wear your clothes and put on your make-up for yourself.

So what do you think? When we put on clothes and do our hair and make-up should we aim to please the men of the world or should we dress how we want?