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Late last night the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, along with other media organisations like The Guardian, exposed the offshore accounts of hundreds of individuals and companies.

The amount of money thought to be held where the tax-man is unable to see it is likely to be in the trillions. David Leigh said, “a former chief economist at McKinsey estimating that wealthy individuals may have as much as $32tn (£21tn) stashed in overseas havens.” Many of the two million leaked e-mails and documents come from the tax avoidance haven of the British Virgin Islands, “where owners’ identities normally remain secret.

In a sovereign state where over 175,000 companies have offshore directors, the prime minister’s own inheritance came from offshore investment funds in tax havens and one of the top banks had a tax avoidance division, which generated a revenue of over £1 billion a year, we’re clearly not “all in this together“.